With vast knowledge of the legislation and full command of legal rules related to international trade in Brazil, Lima Junior, Domene e Advogados Associados has built a specialized team to service all sizes of companies engaged in import and export operations.

The relevance of implementation of environmental policies focused in sustainable development has transformed the Environmental Law into an important business management instrument.  It is in this context that Lima Júnior Domene e Advogados Associados operates, in strict compliance with Brazilian environmental legislation, preventing risks and solving conflicts in environmental matters.

Civil and Commercial Litigation covers an extensive field of Law that gathers legal proceedings in Civil and Procedural, Administrative, and Commercial areas, in litigation matters, with the purpose to coordinate, regulate, safeguard, defend and protect the private interests of moral and property nature under the shield of law. 

The consulting practice in commercial law and in all aspects of contractual area is one of the main areas of Lima Junior, Domene e Advogados Associados.  The firm has a team with strong education in this field and offers a complete array of consulting services in the formalization of commercial contracts.

“Rich father, noble son, poor grandson”. There are numerous histories of families who managed to reach an outstanding level of affluence, but failed, through time, to bring up successors in the family environment and, therefore, to perpetuate the legacy. 

In general terms, litigation management involves two technical lines: safety in the conduct of legal matters (internal audit); and procedural treatment of the litigation portfolio. To keep such lines in perspective, Lima Junior, Domene e Advogados Associados invests continuously in designing customized operational flows, dedicated professional teams and front-end technology, so as to make essential structured information available to its clients for an effective and strategic management of the litigation cases.

The growing globalization process of contemporary economies has boosted the development of new market practices, especially in Brazil, which, for having an insufficiently consolidated market, has been viewed as a great opportunity of investments in several sectors, culminating in a significant expansion in merger and acquisition transactions.  

The growth of Brazilian real estate market over the past decades, in particular of large real estate developments, calls for a broad knowledge of legal issues involved in business dealings of such segment, in order to ensure such transactions’ legal safety. 

In the legal context, Intellectual Property has experienced a great change since the inception of a globalized economy, with marked expansion of competition and of the dynamics of information, resulting in the awakening of the corporate world to the need of protection for its trademarks, patents and inventions, as well as the respective investments in these areas.

The globalized economy and the behavioral changes of society vis-à-vis technological tools and new purchasing habits impose challenges in consumer relations. This demands special attention from corporations to accomplish with the legislation and the responsibilities that fall upon the marketing of goods and services. 

Lima Junior, Domene e Advogados Associados provides specialized legal consultation for associations and trade unions, with focus on the technical cooperation with governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, federations, confederations, institutes, foundations and other entities with the purpose of meeting and safeguarding the institutional interests of the trade union.

Focused in corporate restructuring, succession planning, spin-offs, mergers and incorporation of companies, the firm handles a wide range of corporate and transactional projects and assists its clients in the protection and defense of their interests.

Technology and innovation are critical success factors for any company to be able to compete in the current market. Not only innovation in terms of a breakthrough, of invention, but also in the sense of improvement of the production process through the clever use of technology are challenges to be overcome in the contemporary corporate world.

Labor practice is one of the areas by which the firm is widely recognized. With focus in business, Lima Junior, Domene Advogados Associados has considerable experience in matters involving labor relations.

The complexity of the Brazilian tax system and the continuous changes in the legislation increasingly require companies to have consultants specializing in Tax Law to monitor new developments, whether to provide guidance on the payment of taxes applicable to commercial transactions or to act in litigation and the defense against tax deficiency notices and filings of actions pertaining to the area.